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Slimming Gel (Men and Woman)
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Made from a blend of natural ingredients, this formula aids in stimulating your skin and burning away unwanted fat toxins, leaving behind a thin and toned body. The gel will help tighten saggy skin that can come from gaining weight or even aging. Perfect for both female and male consumers, our Hot Body Slimming Gel takes the work out of "workout."

About the product
  • Powerful weight loss cream burning cream for men and women, burn fat mainly for waist, abdomen, legs and other parts.
    It helps to tighten and lubricate the muscles, promote metabolism, strengthen muscles.
    Rapid and healthy weight loss, safe without any side effects.
  • Use this product once a day. After cleaning, apply adequate amount of this product to the belly and waist, massage the waist gently from down to up and massage the belly in circular motions for 10~20 minutes, wash it after half an hour.


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