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Anti Fungal Nail Treatment Cream
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How to Use:

Evenly rubbed on the surface and the edge of the nail bed nail skin, dry, 2 times a day.


Fights infections faster while enhancing the skin’s vital barrier and healing functions – Maximum relief from pain, infection and inflammation

MeiYanQiong™ provides swift relief from fungus and resistant hard skin conditions. Capable with the highest absorption of potent natural healing ingredients. MeiYanQiong™ starts to repair, relieve and restore damaged skin immediately upon application.

MeiYanQiong™ effects with the body’s natural resources to decrease pain, inflammation and soreness. The special combination of ingredients stimulates your body rapidly repairing damaged and irritated skin conditions. Even our customers clearly improve within hours. Concentrated active ingredient works to immediately eliminate pain and irritation while restoring skin health.

MeiYanQiong™ works faster and more intensively than regularstrength Fungus treatments.

  • Fights infections & healing
  • rapid relief
  • Works faster and more intensively than regular-strength EMUAID® and delivers relief from the first use
  • Safe for the entire family
  • 2x MORE Anti- Bacteria Fighting ingredients – 50x MORE Vitamin E†
  • FDA Approved

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